I Want To Rent A Hot Tub But Have No Idea Where To Place It!

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We run into this all the time with our customers, and truth be told, you can have us install your hot tub rental just about anywhere!

IMG_5788 IMG_5786 IMG_5785

And they’ll ask “Well, how is that possible, is it inflatable?” And we always laugh and say no, they’re made out of memory foam. The ability to roll these hot tubs are mind blowing. Weighing at only 70 lbs without water, allows us to transfer the hot tubs from our location to yours just like that! Their durability and ability to fit through any doorway is what makes our customers love this product so much more. We have yet to have a struggle into a household ((knocks on wood)),  but we accept that challenge. So place it on your balcony, your patio, in your backyard or front, your garage, bedroom, or better yet your living room for a fun or romantic evening. Your options are not limited, so never think they are.

So what are you worried about? Let us know below and we’ll be sure to answer within less than 24 hours.


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