Set the Mood

Setting the Mood…

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re here to help couples rekindle their romance and enjoy more quality time together in a hot tub. The the swirling water, the romantic lighting effects, and the ambiance of a spa will all help create the ideal evening for you and your special someone.

If it’s a romantic atmosphere you want, then set the atmosphere so that it reflects romance…it’s as simple as that! But how can a hot tub be romantic or set the mood? It has to feel warm and inviting of course.

Send an invitation to your date to set the tone for the evening. Depending on your relationship, try to write out an invitation that is silly, playful, or romantic.

Add music.  Adding music can set and maintain the mood and create the atmosphere for the evening. Obviously, heavy metal is not adequate; it’ll only spoil the mood and turn your date off (unless they’re into that). Surround the hot tub (specifically ours wink wink) with candles. Scented candles add a considerable feel and charm to any romantic night. And if you want to go the extra mile, add rose petals into the water.

Fragrances are like an aphrodisiac, so if you have scented oils, add them. And don’t forget to grab dessert and a good bottle of wine or cocktail..

Whether your hot tub is placed inside or out, these tips should all help with setting your romantic mood for the evening.

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