What Keeps Our Hot Tub Rentals So Clean?

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No, no, no…not your laboratory chemicals, but the chemicals you need to keep the pH, chlorine, and alkalinity level balanced in your hot tub. This is what helps to kill germs, bacteria, and impurities in the water; especially after hosting a party in your hot tub rental.

With each hot tub rental, you receive the following products:

  • Softtub Chlorine – this is a chlorine based granular used as a sanitizerĀ for vinyl-lined spas. The ideal level for chlorine is in the range of 3-5 ppm (part per million).
  • Softub pH Up and Down – these two products are used to adjust the pH and alkalinity levels.
  • 16 oz Measuring Cup
  • Chlorine Test Strips

In order to care for your spa rental, you have to check the pH level before each use. To test, dip your test strip provided and swirl around 3 times and test against the guide. If the pH level is low, add pH Up and if is high, add pH Down. The key is to keep the pH level in the proper range. Note: not maintaining the proper pH level can result in damaging the liner.

Wait about 10-15 minutes before retesting again. While waiting, the jets should be running and the lid to your hot tub should be off. Once you’ve balanced the pH level, it’sĀ time to sanitize the water!

To maintain the chlorine balance, simply add 1/4 of an ounce and let the jets circulate for 5-10 minutes before retesting.

It’s just as simple as that!

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