Brand New Rates! (25% Discount Provided to Churches)

1 Day Rental $300   (daily rates after just $45 per day)
1 Week Rental $420
2 Week Rental $500
Monthly Rate $600

** MAY SPECIAL – Rent a hot tub without the surround couch for two weeks and get the third one free!** 

(specials cannot be combined with any other discounts)


Setup time: 1 – 1 1/2 hours

Break down time: 45 mins – 1 hour

We deliver 2 days before your listed rental date, set up, review our product and it’s chemicals, and pick up the day after your rental agreement date.


All rentals include:

  • Renters Manual Brochure
  • Portable Softub (5-6 person seater)
  • Softub Cover (Lid)
  • Softub Safety Straps
  • Water Treatment Kit (chlorine, pH Up, pH Down, and test strips)
  • Water Treatment Instructions Guide
  • Softub Wicker Rattan Surround Bench with Store-away Cabinets ($50 discount when rented without)
  • Hot Tub Accessories: Pool net, Head Rest, and Drink Tray



We delivery anywhere in Colorado. The delivery charge is $60.00, plus .60 cents/mile both ways for 2 trips from our location to yours.

EXAMPLE:   15 miles (one way) would be calculated:  15 x 2 (Delivery) + 15 x 2 (Pickup)
= 60 miles.  60 x .60 = $36.  Delivery Charge ($60.00 + $36.00 = 96.00).



Contact us for Availability!


Interested in purchasing a Softub, rent one with us first and then ask us about our special deals and discount when it’s time to purchase!