Bathing Suits For Sale

Bathing suit season may be gone, but not for HotTub Social! Click on the link below to see all of our amazing bathing suit bikini sets ranging from $10 – 20. You just can’t beat that! Order Online 

HotTub Social Meets DADA Art Bar!

HotTub Social’s very first hot tub event was a success! Check out the link below from WestWord, as they were there to capture the live event and even a live proposal! Geraldine Pierre (HotTub Social’s Owner) was proposed to by her boyfriend and now fiance, Derek Mastay – congratulations to…

Give Forward! It’s Fundraising Time!

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Bathing suits may be out of season but not for HotTub Social! The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs with great ideas is getting their startups off the ground. Everyone knows how hard a startup can be, so we’re currently raising funds to assist with the initial development and business plan of the company…